In the latest bid to achieve their “six seasons and a movie” plan, the folks behind “Community” are trying to capture the zeitgeist of AMC’s “Mad Men.”

At the very least, they’re trying to emulate the drama series’ infuriatingly vague promos in the latest teaser for the show’s return.

The new 36-second trailer, via “Rolling Stone,” features nothing but out-of-context exclamations and facial expressions from the show’s cast.

The preview even features the “Community” credits redone to look like “Mad Men,” with Joel McHale’s Jeff Winger in the trademark suit with a glass in hand.

“Community” is undergoing a series of behind-the-scenes changes this year. While Chevy Chase is gone and Donald Glover will depart after five more episodes, creator Dan Harmon is returning after his absence in season 4.

“Community” returns with an hour-long season 5 premiere on January 2. To see actual footage from the show’s new season, click here for the “Beyond the Darkest Timeline” trailer.

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