Miley Cyrus
instigated a hostile takeover of the pop music world this year, but the 21-year-old star is not infallible.

The singer was taken aback when the music video for her new single, “Adore You,” leaked online a day before she planned to release it online.

Miley responded to the leak on Twitter, writing, “We all know Smilers would break another record if it wasn’t for the f*** face who leaked my video. Alllllll good! Keep smiling.”

The video is too racy to show here, with “The Huffington Post” reporting that she films herself in a nude-colored bra and panty set “rolling around in the sheets, before changing into a lace bodysuit and soaking in a tub.”

Though the leaked version of the "Bangerz" track has since been pulled, Miley released the full video on Thursday.

What do you think of the video for “Adore You”? Too racy or just Miley being Miley? Weigh in with your thoughts below!

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