Mike Posner
plans to finish the year on "Top of the World."

The singer debuted his next single, which was produced by Diplo and Benny Blanco and features rapper Big Sean, via RyanSeacrest.com and plans to tease its video today (Wednesday, December 18) on the site -- followed by the release of the full video, which was filmed around Posner's home town of Detroit, on Thursday (December 19).

Posner told us that the "Top of the World" video is among his favorites:

"It was just a special, like, event for us to be able to shoot it in our home town, you know. We had a blast doing it...But the song is all about really like having high goals and having confidence that you're gonna get 'em...I'm very proud of what, you know, I've accomplished, but I still feel driven to accomplish more."

"Top of the World" is slated to appear on Posner's second album, "Pages," which is due out in 2014.

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