Dreams of a “Breaking Bad” spinoff appear to be coming a reality.

Though AMC has every reason to want to keep the franchise alive, news that a deal was been brokered to stream the series on Netflix cements “Better Call Saul” as the show’s successor.

The episodes will debut overseas shortly after airing on AMC, while they will stream for U.S. and Canadian viewers soon after the season finale, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

The series will follow Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) in the years before he became a lawyer for Bryan Cranston’s Walter White.

Set to debut between August and October of next year, “Saul” will likely be set “in an office with a much lighter tone than ‘Breaking Bad.’”

Plans for a continuation of the franchise were announced even before the final episodes of “Breaking Bad” aired on AMC, with the fan-favorite Saul character a natural choice.

Further details, including the cast of characters joining Odenkirk, but the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, is set to direct the pilot.

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