Lea Michele
has been a part of the “Glee” family for the past five years, but she’s not afraid of going solo.

The singer-actress revealed a 90-second preview of her first single, “Cannonball,” from her debut album “Louder.”

The track finds Michele discovering hidden reserves of bravery, moving from being “scared to death, I was losing my mind” to finding “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Michele also released the album cover art, featuring a gorgeous image of herself staring straight ahead, seemingly unafraid of anything.

Though the record will not be released until 2014, “Louder” is available for pre-order now, upon which fans can download the full “Cannonball” track.

The star is currently filming the fifth season of “Glee,” which is set to return after a hiatus on Tuesday, February 25.

The show is likely coming to a close after its sixth season, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to see Lea getting her solo career on track now. Her “Glee” co-star, Naya Rivera, released her debut single, “Sorry,” earlier this year as well.

What do you think of “Cannonball”? What about Lea’s cover art for the album? Weigh in below!

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