Walt Disney Studios might want to change its name to Harrison Ford Studios, what with the news that Disney has assumed the rights to distribute films in the “Indiana Jones” franchise.

Of course, this is the second of film series starring Ford that Disney has taken control of, the first being the “Star Wars” franchise.

Yet according toEntertainment Weekly,” while new “Star Wars” movies are already in the works, there are no current plans to reveal a follow-up to “Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull.”

Disney has owned the rights to produce new films since 2012, but they only obtained the marketing and distribution rights from Paramount, signaling a desire to pursue new sequels in the future.

Earlier this year, there were reports that the 71-year-old star would only agree to reprise his role of Han Solo if he got the go-ahead for a fifth “Indiana Jones” film.

The rumored compromise was that there would be an outline for “Indy 5” by the end of 2014 for release in 2016.

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