Sandra Bullock
is riding high, thanks to the serious awards season buzz she’s been garnering for her role in “Gravity.”

But just because Sandra’s movie career is better than ever, it does not mean that she’s opposed to taking her talent to television, according to "Entertainment Weekly."

“When I was seeing television progress, I thought, ‘How exciting that when I’m ready to do TV it’s going to be amazing,” she said (via Zap2it). “When you look at cable it’s sometimes better than the movies. I’m not afraid of the landscape changing from large to small screen if it’s as rich as it is now.”

The A-list actress, whose first major role was a short-lived TV adaptation of “Working Girl,” is similarly unafraid when it comes to watching art on the small screen, and she shared some of her secret TV obsessions with “EW.”

“I’m desperately waiting for ‘Downton Abbey’ to come back,” she said. “And I’m into Season 1 of ‘Scandal.’ Talk about sexy decadence. I want to be with the president.”

In the meantime, Sandra is showing off her voiceover skills with a role in the upcoming “Despicable Me” sequel, “Minions.

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