With its popular Nickelodeon TV series on ice, Big Time Rush is "in a bit of a holding pattern" according to the group's Kendall Schmidt.

Schmidt tells us the group members will be performing at a corporate function in Chicago during early 2014 as well as attending Carlos Pena Jr.'s wedding to actress Alexa Vega and will likely be announcing tour dates in the near future -- most likely overseas.

"We've scoured the States four summers in a row now," Schmidt says, "so we might be doing some foreign countries this time. We know we have quite a few fans in other parts of the world, too."

He's not ruling out more new music, either, and he hopes the end of the TV show will remove a stigma he feels has limited Big Time Rush in the past:

"That's something that's always been a frustration. I feel like we always had a problem getting a fair shot at radio just because of having the children's television show as an engine. It's hard to get into Top 40 stations playing Rihanna and Drake to play Big Time Rush in the same rotation, just like I'm sure it as difficult to get Miley Cyrus on the radio and Selena Gomez on the radio before. Now that we don't have an episodic TV show any more, we're hoping it opens up some opportunities -- but in order to have those opportunities it requires us to make new music."

Big Time Rush has released three albums, with this year's "24/Seven" debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.

While he's waiting for the next Big Time Rush move, meanwhile, Schmidt is currently on the road with his other band Heffron Drive, which is also working on new music. 

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