American Horror Story” has terrorized audiences with a haunted house, an eerie 1960s asylum and, now, a coven of witches in New Orleans.

Where the newly-renewed show will take viewers in season 4 is still partly up in the air, but creator Ryan Murphy shared the first details about the show’s future.

Murphy tells “Entertainment Weekly” that like “Asylum,” the next season will take place in the past.

“It’s not contemporary,” he said. “It’s either going to shoot in New Orleans or it’s going to shoot in Santa Fe.”

With the seventh episode of “Coven” airing this week, Murphy adds that the show will begin teasing the fourth season around episode 11.

He earlier revealed that unlike past seasons, he hopes to end the current season with a visual tease at what is to come when the show returns next fall.

"AHS: Coven" returns on Wednesday, December 4 at 10pm on FX. What do you think Ryan Murphy has planned for “American Horror Story”? Leave your best season 4 guesses in the comments!

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