The holidays are nearly upon us, complete with decorations, music and a barrage of Christmas movies on television.

One perennial favorite, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” is now set to get a sequel nearly 70 years after the original Jimmy Stewart-starrer was released.

Variety reports that the film is planned for release in 2015 around the holidays, naturally, with one original star attached in a major role.

Karolyn Grimes, best known for playing Stewart’s daughter Zuzu in the Frank Capra classic, is on board to reprise her role in the reboot.

Grimes will return as “an angel who shows Bailey’s unlikeable grandson (also named George Bailey) how much better off the world would have been had he never been born,” according to Variety.

Aside from Zuzu, Jimmy Hawkins and Carol Coombs will also be back as Tommy and Janie Bailey, respectively.

What do you think of an “It’s a Wonderful Life” sequel? Who would you like to play the new George Bailey? Weigh in below!

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