Tom Cruise
is currently embroiled in a legal battle with a magazine publisher for allegedly claiming that he had “abandoned” his daughter, Suri, after his divorce from Katie Holmes.

TMZ has reportedly gotten ahold of documents recording the deposition, in which Cruise explains his absence from his child after the split.

In the docs, TMZ states that the actor likens his location shoots to “serving a tour in Afghanistan.”

“That’s what it feels like. And certainly on this last movie, it was brutal. It was brutal,” he allegedly said (via TMZ).

The actor is said to have also claimed that his work take more effort than Olympic athletes.

“There is difficult physical stamina and preparation. Sometimes I’ve spent months, a year, a sometimes two years prepping for a single film,” he said (via TMZ). “A sprinter for the Olympics, they only have to run two races a day. When I’m shooting, I could potentially have to run 30, 40 races a day, day after day.”

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