Beyonce is on a mission to tell you that “God Made You Beautiful” in the new trailer teasing the release of her documentary on DVD.

In the 90-second trailer for “Life Is But a Dream,” which debuted on HBO earlier this year, Queen Bey shared the chorus of her new song, the “New York Daily News” reports.

A dowload of the "exclusive new song" will be included with purchase of the film, according to the trailer.

The HBO doc will drop on DVD on November 25, following Beyonce’s career and personal life as she prepared for the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce is expected to release the first single from her upcoming album in early December, though it’s unclear whether “God Made You Beautiful” is her intended choice.

The pop singer is currently touring around Australia and New Zealand, but she is scheduled to make her way back to North America at the end of November for a number of performances.

Beyonce’s new album is reportedly intended for release in early 2014. What do you think of “God Made You Beautiful”? Did you check out “Life Is But a Dream” on HBO? Let us know in the comments!

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