Now that Katy Perry’s “Prism” and her brand new single “Unconditionally” have both been unveiled, the singer is moving on to bigger and better things, chiefly her upcoming tour.

Perry held a listening party in Los Angeles Tuesday night and shared her plans to make her “Prism” tour her best yet.

“The prism tour is going to have a lot of magical moments,” she said (via E! News). “[I can tell you that this tour] I’ll be closer to the fans than I ever have before.”

Though that isn’t much to go on, it’s possible that the tease means the “Roar” singer is planning something physical, with E! suggesting that it could be something akin to P!nk’s acrobatics.

Perry shared a personal tour secret, saying that she has gotten inked at the end of each of her tours as a symbol of the end of that journey.

Currently, she has a tattoo of a strawberry to celebrate her 2009 tour and a peppermint swirl as an homage to 2011’s tour for “Teenage Dream.”

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