The film may be called “Endless Love,” but in Hollywood, nothing is endless.

Thus it comes as no surprise that Universal Pictures is banking on the legacy of the 1981 drama for its remake of “Endless Love.”

According to “Entertainment Weekly,” the new film stars Alex Pettyfer (“Magic Mike”) and Gabriella Wilde, who also stars in the rebooted “Carrie.”

The “Romeo & Juliet”-esque tale tells the story of a young couple whose relationship is threated when the father of Wilde’s character, played by Bruce Greenwood, finds out and “begins uncovering Pettyfer’s dark past, and tries to stop his daughter’s whirlwind relationship.”

The original “Endless Love” starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt in the roles of the young lovers, as well as James Spader, Ian Ziering and a young Tom Cruise.

“Endless Love” is set to open in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2014. How did the trailer stack up with the original? Let us know in the comments!

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