Ellen DeGeneres, the reigning ruler of daytime TV, has given her final work on rumors that she and pal Bethenny Frankel are feuding.

According to "Us Weekly," DeGeneres, a co-producer and co-creator on the series, appeared on “Bethenny” via satellite, categorically denying the reports that there was any tension between the two.

“I think people thing… that there is always a tiny bit of truth to any rumor that you read… There is absolutely not one crumb of truth in that at all,” she told Frankel. “I am not distancing myself from your show, I love you. I am so proud of you.”

The two also discussed Frankel’s divorce, which was rumored to be a source of contention, with some reporting that DeGeneres asked her not to bring it up at all.

In regard to why she had been invited to Frankel’s house, the ex-Real Housewife said, “My ex-husband lives in my house, Ellen,” to which DeGeneres joked, “Well, then I am not going there.”

When the show's ratings started sinking this fall, stories began popping up that DeGeneres had decided to put some distance between herself and the fledgling talk show host.

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