Justin Bieber appears to be growing up in the first trailer for his new concert documentary, “Believe 3D.

At the very least, the global pop star is sporting some new facial hair, and you’d better “believe” that he’s taking his moustache seriously.

In the brief preview for the film, the follow-up to “Never Say Never,” Bieber is shown drinking coffee and referring to his moustache as proof of “how much of a man I am,” according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

The singer released the second song from his Music Mondays initiative this week, following up the title track from his upcoming “Heartbreaker” album with a new R&B-infused track, “All That Matters.”

Each week for 10 weeks, Bieber will release a new song from the record, leading up to the release of the concert film on Christmas Day.

Check out “All That Matters” here and share your thoughts on the song and “Believe 3D” in the comments below!

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