Lady Gaga
is really embracing classic art in her quest for “Artpop.”

It seems the singer’s homages to the iconic “Birth of Venus” painting were about more than a flashy costume change and the background to her record’s cover art.

Venus” is also the title of Gaga’s second single from the record, which she revealed on Twitter Thursday night:

“Take me to your planet / Take me to your leader / Take me to your Venus” are presumably lyrics from the upcoming song set for release later this month.

“Venus” is also the second track on the album, following the leadoff track “Aura,” which debuted in a new lyric video for “Machete Kills,” her first-ever film which debuts Friday.

Gaga shared the news in a social media game, in which she had her fans sharing their guesses in order to get the correct single trending on Twitter.

After two false starts with “Gypsy,” “Manicure” and “Donatella,” she confirmed the “birth” of the single on October 27.

“Artpop” is set for release not long after, hitting stores on November 11.

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