Justin Bieber may be a “Heartbreaker,” but he is good to his rabid fan base.

According to E! News, the young pop star kicked off Music Mondays with the first of ten new songs released each week for ten weeks.

The first song is the title track from his new album “Heartbreaker,” which is also his debut single from the new record.

Bieber tweeted about the release, writing to his fans, “You will know my words, my heart. #journals.” also teasing that his fans might get “lucky with two songs in a week.”

Music Mondays isn’t just about the music, however, as the singer is leading up to the release of his second concert film, his follow-up to 2011’s “Never Say Never.”

If the film can be completed on time, the plan is to release it in December, though the “Heartbreaker” album does not yet have a release date.

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