Miley Cyrus
’s latest move is either a lovely grand gesture or a case of terrible timing.

Just weeks after Miley and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth officially called it quits, “Oh No They Didn’t” reports that the pop star thanks her ex in the liner notes for her upcoming album “Bangerz.”

Though “Bangerz” won’t hit stores until Tuesday, October 8, it seems the blog got their hands on the album’s credits.

After dedicating her album to everyone who worked with her on the new record, she closes by saying, “Thanks for putting up with my crazy a**. I couldn’t have made this album without one person…. FE, thank you for inspiring me. (PS I Love You).”

While Hemsworth is not thanked by name, “FeFe” is a known nickname Miley gave to her former beau, with “Just Jared” reporting that she mentioned the name in her MTV documentary special “Miley: The Movement,” which aired Wednesday night.

Of course, the Australian actor has reportedly been the subject of some of her music, including her breakup anthem “Wrecking Ball” and “Drive,” which she says is about “needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship.”

What do you think? Was the message a sign of goodwill from Miley to Liam? Let us know!

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