It's been a minute since Mike Posner established his star with his hit singles "Cooler Than Me" and "Please Don't Go" from his 2010 debut album "31 Minutes to Take Off."

But this summer he released a new song, "The Way It Used To Be" and has another, "The Top," coming this month, as well as an EP called "First Page." A new album, "Pages," is planned for 2014, though Posner tells us it's still a work in progress:

"I'm very far along. I don't have a deadline yet, so I'm still making songs to see if I can bump any out. I've made, like, maybe over 100 songs since the last album, so I've got a good 12, 15 I'm proud of... I would describe it as positive, inspiring, a lot of guitars with hard drums."

Posner has stayed busy in the interim writing songs for others, including Justin Bieber ("Boyfriend"), 2 Chains ("In Town"), Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg ("French Inhale"), Labrinth ("Electronic Earth"), Big Time Rush ("Windows Down") and Austin Mahone ("Say Somethin' ").

Will any of those appear on "Pages?"

"There's a lot of people on there. I can't give them to you yet, but I will tell you this -- a lot of the people I wrote and produced for have returned the favor, so I'm very grateful for that."

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