Drew Pinsky is known to many as a board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, host of his own HLN show, driving force behind the Celebrity Rehab TV show and host of Love Line

We learn now that Pinsky can also be known for beating prostate cancer.

In a very personal letter he posted on the HLN website, Pinsky shares his two year journey through discovering his initial medical issues through his recovery from a prostatectomy in this past July.

Ever the physician and teacher, Pinsky is using the multiple platforms he is seen and heard on to educate the public on the importance of getting tested.  Pinsky shares, “Research shows that many men do not get tested for prostate cancer because they fear the effects of surgery they may not even need!” He suggests visiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation website to get more information and education.

Pinsky closes his letter with, “The only remnant of cancer surgery is six small scars on my torso. They are fading fast. I’m hopeful I am cured.”

We too are hopeful and thankful that Pinsky’s sharing of his personal story leads to more men seeking testing.

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