Though the fall TV season doesn’t officially begin until next week, networks are already looking ahead for their next big win.

This year, it seems like many of the cable networks have spinoff fever, especially AMC. Yet while a “Breaking Bad” offshoot called “Better Call Saul” has already been greenlit and a “Walking Dead” companion series is in the works, don’t count on “Mad Men” to do the same.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, has no plans to spin off the ‘60s-set series when the second part of its seventh and final season airs in spring 2015.

“There’s no chance,” he told “THR.” “No judgment against anybody else – but this is it. This is the story. When it’s done, it’s done.”

Yet the people over at Showtime have a different plan when it comes to “Dexter,” which is closing out its final season this month.

Showtime entertainment president David Nevins tells “THR” that a spinoff is still in the cards, though it’s no longer likely to focus on Dexter’s sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter).

“We’re nowhere yet but I do feel like ‘Dexter’ is such a core franchise to Showtime,” Nevins said. He later added, “We spend a lot of time talking about how we keep the show alive, so it may be a more complicated original idea than just a spinoff.”

What show do you watch that you’d like to see get a spinoff? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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