Lindsay Lohan
seems to be making serious strides with her sobriety this time.

The starlet is taking a major stand against her reputation as a party girl by turning down $30,000 to appear at a party, according to “Life & Style.”

“Before Lindsay went to rehab, she would pretty much turn up anywhere if someone paid the right price, but things are different now,” a source said. “She’s been offered tens of thousands of dollars to attend events and make other appearances, but has turned them all down in order to maintain her sobriety.”

After leaving a rehab facility in July, the star has made a major bid to fix her image, from her guest spot on “Chelsea Lately” to a cameo on “Eastbound & Down.”

After signing a deal for an eight-hour docuseries on the OWN network, Lindsay also sat down with Oprah Winfrey, who convinced her to nix a planned vacation in Europe as a reward for completing rehab.

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