The cast of “Glee” will “Come Together” this fall for a two-part Beatles tribute, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

The first promo for the new season with an inside look at premiere footage has been revealed, complete with a sneak peek of their “All You Need is Love” cover, and we’ve been hit with Beatlemania!

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the first part of the season 5 premiere, airing on September 26, has been dubbed “Love, Love, Love,” while the October 3 hour is called “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.”

The gang previously announced the release of the album with the full tracklist. The cast will perform classics like “Help,” “Here Comes the Sun” and more, but it’s unclear which songs will appear in each episode.

“Glee” returns to FOX later this month, while their highly-anticipated Cory Monteith Tribute will air on October 10.

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