James Van Der Beek
and his wife Kimberly will soon have a “full house.”

The actor from that other iconic ‘90s TV series, “Dawson’s Creek,” is expecting his third child this winter, though they plan to keep the baby’s gender a surprise.

“I feel ridiculously blessed,” he told “People.” “I feel so much love, honestly.”

Though he’s just getting used to having two children, with Olivia, nearly 3, and 17-month-old Joshua, he says he’s ready for baby no. 3.

“I was told two was three times as hard as one, and that three is actually not as big of a leap,” he added. “If anybody knows otherwise, I’m going to ask them not to tell me.”

Van Der Beek will next star on CBS’s “Friends with Better Lives,” a comedy series expected to air in early 2014.

We bet Pacey and Joey are happy for him. What do you think of James’s big baby news! Share in the comments!

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