Lindsey Vonn
may be an Olympic gold medalist, but the skier says her life since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics has gone anything but downhill.

Speaking with “People,” the athlete opened up about the end of her marriage to Thomas Vonn, after which she began dating Tiger Woods.

“I went from being married to living on my own in L.A., to having a new boyfriend and just being totally self-sufficient and super independent,” she said. “It’s awesome. I love it.”

The couple reportedly met at an event last spring, and within a few months, they began to date. She added that she has few complaints in her relationship with the golf star.

“There’s really nothing about him that bothers me,” she tells “People.” “He doesn’t even leave the seat up! It’s awesome.”

Vonn also confirmed that despite an injury last winter that shattered her knee, she will be back in fighting shape for the 2014 Sochi Games.

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