The internet exploded after the controversial casting decision that has Ben Affleck starring as Batman opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” flick.

Now the stars who have worn the iconic Batsuit are lending their support for the casting decision. Speaking to TMZ, two-time Batman Michael Keaton (“Batman,” “Batman Returns”) simply said, “He’s gonna be great.”

The original Batman, TV icon Adam West stayed mostly neutral but gave Ben a bit of advice via Twitter:

Lastly, “Batman Forever” stat
Val Kilmer took to social media to defend the casting, tweeting, “Give Ben a chance!”

The only other major Caped Crusaders who have yet to weigh in are George Clooney, who starred in the critically panned “Batman & Robin,” and “Dark Knight” trilogy star Christian Bale.

Though he didn’t give any hints toward his opinion in the matter, Clooney did bring up the Affleck-as-Batman issue while speaking with the foreign press about his new film, “Gravity.”

When asked for his opinion on a possible U.S. intervention in Syria, the star joked, “I actually thought you would ask me about Ben Affleck playing Batman. But no, it’s Syria.”

Have any of the former Caped Crusaders’ well-wishes changed your mind about Ben as Batman? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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