DeAnna Pappas
has big news, and no, she isn’t returning for a third stint in the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” pool.

DeAnna, 31, and husband Stephen Stagliano are expecting their first child together, with the baby’s due date set for February 8.

“We are so very excited!” she tells “People.” “We had been trying for almost a year; we wanted this so badly.”

DeAnna also tweeted her gratitude for the positive messages she has been getting from fans about her pregnancy:

The couple does not know what the baby’s gender is just yet, but the ex-reality star explained that they’re not waiting until the birth to find out, adding, “I kind of wanted it to be a surprise, but Stephen wants to be prepared.”

Though DeAnna didn’t end up with Bachelor Brad or her “Bachelorette” pick Jesse, her new guy is no stranger to the “Bachelor” franchise.

The pair was set up by Michael Stagliano, a former contestant and twin brother to Stephen. They married in Georgia in October 2011.

For more on DeAnna and her pregnancy, follow her on Twitter @DeAnnaPappas.

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