Kelly Clarkson
didn’t attend the 2013 Video Music Awards, but that didn’t stop her from sharing some choice words about some of the night’s big performers.

Clarkson, 31, tweeted this afternoon about some of the acts, and though she doesn’t name names, it isn’t too hard to discern who she’s talking about:

E! News
cites Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance of “We Can’t Stop,” after which she removed part of her outfit to reveal a nude bikini and danced suggestively to duet with Robin Thicke on “Blurred Lines.”

Similarly, Lady Gaga opened the show with “Applause,” starting in white overcoat and later a black leotard before stripping down to a seashell bra and thong.

For her part, Brooke Shields, who played Cyrus’s mother on Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” told “TODAY” that her former TV daughter’s performance was “disturbing” and could not match Gaga’s.

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“I just sort of want to know who’s advising [Miley], and why it’s necessary,” she said, adding, “I feel like it’s a bit desperate. Are you trying to be Gaga? But Gaga is… she’s got a genius behind all of it, that’s not just display.”

Either way, she calls Cyrus a talented girl who gave it her all and certainly stirred up a little controversy along the way.

What do you think of what Kelly and Brooke had to say? Incredibly true, unnecessarily harsh or both? Share in the comments!

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