With the end of his hit TV series "House" last May, Hugh Laurie is currently pushing his career as a musician.

He released his second album, "Didn't It Rain," during May overseas and on August 6 in the U.S., and Laurie tells us that while he's not exactly giving up acting, music is taking priority right now:

"I am going to Vancouver for a very short period of time to work on a movie called 'Tomorrowland' with the great George Clooney, which is very exciting. But basically I am a musician. That's what I'm trying to be, and that's what I'm hoping to be."

"Didn't It Rain" debuted at No. 3 on the charts in Laurie's native U.K. and at No. 1 on the Billboard Blues Albums chart in the U.S.

He begins a 16-date North American tour on October 13 in Nashville, and Laurie says he's becoming even more confident as a live act these days:

"I hope they're gonna be barnstormers...We did about 30 shows across Europe, and this sounds like boasting -- because it is boasting – but, you know, the shows have been going really well, and not only have that, they've been going better and better, and I feel like the last sort of dozen that we did, I just know that...if I had been in the audience I'd have had a great time, so I'm just hoping people will have, you know, a really, really great night."

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