Lindsay Lohan
may have told Oprah that she does not blame her parents for her legal troubles, but her father begs to differ.

In a new interview with “Life & Style,” Michael Lohan says that he and ex-wife Dina are at fault for their daughter’s issues with addiction.

“I don’t think she should take any of the blame for what happened to her,” he says. “It’s my fault and Dina’s fault. We put her in the middle of the divorce. Now it’s up to me and Dina to make this better.”

Michael added that Lindsay is taking her recovery seriously this time, saying, “I think she has really turned a corner on this. Lindsay is back to who she was, a very kindhearted and compassionate person.”

On Sunday’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Lindsay denied Oprah’s suggestion that her parents had exploited and insisted that they are all in a good place with one another.

In fact, she revealed that the trio had planned a lunch together in New York, where LiLo has been living since leaving rehab.

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