It looks like Bo is getting a playmate!

The Obamas have added another pup to the family, another Portuguese water dog named Sunny, according to the White House.

Because of allergies in the family, this breed of dog is perfect for the First Family. Bo’s little sister Sunny, named because of her “cheerful personality,” was born in Michigan last year.

The White House also released a video of the two dogs playing with one another outside of the White House.

Last October, First Lady Michelle Obama may have hinted at the possibility of adding another dog when she said, “Bo doesn’t have enough dog interaction.”

Though she added that she had hosted a “doggie play date,” it must not have been enough, so luckily Bo has his new sister, Sunny, to play with.

The President and his family are also making a donation to the Washington Humane Society in honor of their new pooch.

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