Happy birthday to the one and only Madonna! To celebrate her birthday, we compiled a list of the top six singers with a one word stage name!

1.   Madonna

Kicking off the list is the Queen of Pop: MADONNA! Even though she was born Madonna Louise Ciccone, her first name does a fine job of encompassing her beauty, talent and pop stardom all by itself! While her full name is wonderful, we can’t help but L.U.V Madonna!

2.   Cher

Next on our list is the one and only Cher! The music icon has always gone by one name, though she did actually start off her career going by her full first name: Cherilyn. In 1964, it was
shortened to just Cher, and that’s when her career really took off! This change could be the “it” factor that kickstarted her dynamic career, and that’s why we love the name Cher!

3.   Fergie

Unlike most stars, Fergie’s stage name doesn’t stem from her first name, but from her last name. The pop star and soon-to-be mom was born Stacy Ann Ferguson but recently changed her last name to Duhamel after her husband Josh Duhamel. Despite the name change, Fergie still stands as a pop sensation! It’s Fergalicious!

4.   Beyonce

Beyonce is one sassy diva that doesn’t need a bunch of names! Her name actually comes from her mother’s maiden name (Beyince) and she was given the name to help carry on the family legacy. Since Beyonce’s name hold’s so much meaning, coupled with the fact that a diva only needs one name, Bey needs a last name like a fish needs a bicycle.

5.   Adele

Adele was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, but an artist of such soulful lyrics and songs only needs one name. While we’re sure that the Grammy-winning megastar’s success will lead to babies all over the world sharing her name, there will only be one Adele with that breathtakingly powerful yet somehow gentle voice.

6.   Prince

Our list wouldn’t be right without at least one male, and Prince takes the cake!  While he may not be the royal baby, he’s definitely royal to us! Like Adele, Prince is actually his real first name. Though the iconic musician has gone through many name changes over the years, he’s always been Prince to his fans.

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below! 

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