Amanda Bynes
may not be leaving psychiatric care just yet, but she is reportedly getting a new room.

The troubled actress has been transferred to the UCLA Medical Center for continued care, according to TMZ.

As she was being moved, Amanda was spotted in Ventura County being taken to a vehicle while shielded by a blanket.

Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, allegedly had her moved because UCLA has a great reputation for their psychiatric center.

Lynn recently won her bid for conservatorship over her daughter’s legal and financial decisions. A judge also ruled last week that her daughter would stay in psychiatric care for another 30 days.

TMZ reports that the star is showing clear schizophrenic tendencies, but she has not yet been diagnosed as more tests are being run.

Amanda was originally taken into police custody after allegedly setting fire to an elderly woman’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, California, near her parents’ home.

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