The Lindsay Lohan comeback tour continues.

After showing off a knack for comedy as a guest host on “Chelsea Lately” earlier this month, the fresh-from-rehab star is setting out to prove that Lindsay 2.0 has serious comedic chops.

According to E! News, the starlet has been filming scenes for an episode of HBO’s “Eastbound & Down” in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The cable network confirmed that Lindsay will guest star in an episode of season four, and she is rumored to be playing a bride in a wedding scene set in the future.

This comes two days after “The Canyons” actress released a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “#back@work! So grateful today! :)”

The series, which stars Danny McBride as an MLB pitcher-turned gym teacher, is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

The pair has a history of working with the star, as she has starred in a couple of videos for their comedy website Funny or Die.

“Eastbound & Down” returns to HBO on September 29.

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