In an extremely fast turnaround, Lauren Silverman and her husband Andrew have reached a divorce settlement.

Lauren was thrust into the spotlight last month when it was revealed that she is pregnant with Simon Cowell’s baby, despite the fact that she and her husband were still together at the time.

Though Andrew initially lashed out by naming Cowell as a co-respondent in his divorce filing, in which he cited adultery as the reason for the split, the former spouses have reportedly reached an “amicable” settlement, according to “People.”

Cowell has not commented publicly on the matter, telling reporters, “Unfortunately, I have to keep this private for the moment. It’s just one of those things, but thank you anyway.”

An insider tells “People” that the “X Factor” panelist, who recently went on vacation, “won’t see Lauren in person until things calm down.”

Now that the divorce is all but final, perhaps it’s time for Cowell and the mother of his child to make plans for the future.

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