After an international controversy began brewing earlier this month when Oprah accused an employee from a boutique in Switzerland of racism, the Queen of Daytime has issued a public apology over the outcry, saying she was “really sorry it got blown up.”

While fans may be surprised that the millionaire apologized, she also declined an apology from Switzerland, even though Swiss tourism officials and the boutique owner tried to offer one, according to CBS News.

“It was just one person who didn’t want to offer me the opportunity to see the bag. So no apologies necessary from the country of Switzerland,” Oprah said. “If somebody makes a mistake in the United States do we apologize in front of the whole country? No!”

However, the manager of the boutique and sales clerk told CNN that is was a true misunderstanding and not an act of racism.

“Good manners and politeness are everything in this shop,” the clerk said.  “We make a huge effort to treat everyone with the same respect and in the same way.”

The saga began last week, when Oprah sat down with “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nancy O’Dell to discuss “The Butler” and detailed an incident she had experienced at the Swiss boutique.

The talk show host asked to see a $38,000 purse but was told “it was too expensive” for her by the associate, according to CNN.

Winfrey added that she wasn’t wearing anything that would indicate her wealthy status and was judged by her appearance.

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