Once again, Jennifer Aniston is on the receiving end of a great deal of tabloid attention, and this time, she’s setting the record straight.

E! News reports that the former “Friends” star spoke out about the resurgence of pregnancy rumors that have plagued her ever since she and ex-hubby Brad Pitt got together.

At the premiere of her latest comedy, “We’re the Millers,” Jen flat-out denied the baby news, saying, “It does feel like they’ve exhausted the question, and also the speculation. It’s all been pretty much exhausted.”

Joking that what the media is noticing is “just a couple of pounds,” the star also discussed the rumors surrounding her upcoming wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux, which she says she hasn’t even begun planning yet!

“[Taboids] like to create the stories, because it’s not that interesting, the story of we’re really happy and in love and feel like we’re married and eventually we’re going to get married when we find the time,” Jen said. “I don’t think there’s a rush.”

For now, the actress is focusing on her busy filming career, filming a comedy calledSquirrel to the Nuts” with Olivia Wilde and Owen Wilson.

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