Oh, what a tangled web Simon Cowell weaves.

According to the “NY Daily News,” the talent judge met up with Andrew Silverman, the man whose soon-to-be ex-wife, Lauren Silverman, is pregnant with Cowell’s child.

The two formerly close friends had a secret meeting in New York last weekend that lasted for three hours and “ended with the two men shaking hands.”

The businesslike handshake is somewhat strange considering that Silverman recently named Cowell in his divorce papers, in which he cited “adultery” as the reason for his split with his wife.

The “Daily News” reports that after the private meeting, the Silvermans are on track to reach a settlement agreement by the end of this week.

At one time, the couple was so close with the “X Factor” judge that the trio vacationed together.

Cowell, meanwhile, is prepping the return of his FOX reality competition show, which enters its third season next month. He also took home a surfboard for male TV personality on last night’s “Teen Choice Awards 2013.

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