Kate Middleton
may be the picture of royalty, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also be a rulebreaker in her own way.

According to “People,” while it is customary for the royal family to release an official portrait of newborn royal babies, Kate and her husband, Prince William, might opt to release photos instead.

Moreover, there are rumors that Kate herself, along with her parents, might take the snapshots of Prince George. The photos would then be released via social media and on their official site.

The “Daily Mirror” reports that photos, captured by Kate, her sister Pippa and her parents, will first be released on Twitter early next week.

Per tradition, the family of the royal baby would invite a wire service to photograph Kate, William and George as they pose for professional portraits.

While Kate might forgo that custom, Prince George would likely still get formal portraits taken for his christening later this fall.

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