After her tense exit from ABC’s megahit “Grey’s Anatomy” in the middle of season 6, hearing that Katherine Heigl is eyeing a return to television comes as a bit of a shock.

The actress formerly known as Izzie Stevens is reportedly shopping a new drama to several networks, with NBC as the frontrunner to take on the project, according to “Deadline.”

Though the show’s logline has not officially been revealed, “Deadline” reports that the procedural drama would center on “how the CIA handles hotspots around the globe,” with Heigl taking on the role of an advisor to the president.

Unsurprisingly, Heigl did not pitch the series to ABC, not only because of her abrupt exit from “Grey’s,” but also because the show is considered too similar in tone to creator Shonda Rhimes’s other hit ABC drama “Scandal.”

Meanwhile “Grey’s Anatomy,” returns for its 10th season this fall, and Rhimes has confirmed that she sees no end in sight.

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