The new addition to Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen’s family, two-week old Winnie Rose, was born via a surrogate, the “Late Night” host revealed in an interview on the "TODAY Show."

“My wife and I had been trying a while to have a baby," Fallon told anchor
Savannah Guthrie. "We tried a bunch of things – so we had a surrogate."

Winnie Rose was born on Tuesday, July 23, while “Late Night” fans and even many of Fallon’s co-workers had no idea that the couple was even expecting.

“We said, ‘We’re not going to tell anybody,’” Fallon told Guthrie. “It’d be just more fun if it’s just private between me and my wife. And then we get to introduce her to everybody."

The story of Fallon and Juvonen’s road to parenthood could not get any more heartwarming. 

“I can’t stop looking at her,” the new father gushed to "TODAY"’s anchors. “When I’m not holding her, I’m looking at photos of her on my phone. She’s the coolest – the best thing to ever happen to me.”

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