Since it was revealed that Simon Cowell is expecting a child with Lauren Silverman, more details have been pouring in about the couple’s alleged affair.

But a source close to the pair tells “Us Weekly” that Cowell and Silverman have been sneaking around since 2009.

“Lauren has loved Simon forever,” the source said, “and they started having an affair four years ago.”

According to “Us,” the affair began when her marriage hit a rough patch, and while things started off slow, Silverman reportedly turned to a divorce lawyer when her relationship with Cowell became more serious.

As Silverman and her estranged husband, Andrew Silverman, prep for what is shaping up to be an ugly divorce, a Silverman family insider added that “Simon and Lauren are together.”

Meanwhile, Cowell has mostly stayed quiet as he prepares for the upcoming third season of “The X Factor.” When asked about the situation, he responded, “I would love to, but I have to respect a lot of people’s feelings… I really have to be sensitive.”

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