Though Desiree got her happy ending after getting engaged to Chris on the season finale of “The Bachelorette,” it seemed like things might have gone a different way after top contender Brooks Forester abruptly quit the show.

In an interview with “People,” Brooks said he was trying to do the right thing for Desiree.

“I realized that when I was away from Des, I wasn’t having these moments of anguish. That was a big indicator to me that my feelings weren’t there.”

Despite the emotional goodbye, Brooks added that he was sure he had made the right decision. He added, “I wanted so badly for [the relationship] to work out, and it was so close I could almost touch it. But I needed to walk away. She deserved to be with someone who was equally in love with her.”

Des and Brooks caught up on Monday’s “After the Final Rose” special, and the reunion was cordial. She joked, “Actually, after you left it was really good.”

As previously announced, Juan Pablo Galavis will take over as “The Bachelor” when the show returns in early 2014.

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