The official preview for Naomi Watts’s highly-anticipated “Diana” has been released.

The new trailer, which runs just over two minutes, gives a snapshot of the upcoming biopic. The film focuses primarily on Princess Diana’s (Watts) relationship with surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, played by “Lost” actor Naveen Andrews, and her campaign against land mines in the mid-‘90s before her death.

To prepare for the film, Oscar-winner Watts received a prosthetic nose, access to the late royal’s wardrobe and six weeks of dialogue coaching in order to prepare for her role, according to “Vanity Fair.”

With the release of the trailer and the birth of Prince George, 2013 has proven to be a big year for fans of the royals, though the members of the family have released official statements regarding the movie.

The film is set to release on September 20 in U.K theaters, according to “USA Today,” just weeks after the 16th anniversary of the Princess’s death. Unfortunately, American fans will have to wait, as a U.S release date has yet to be revealed.

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