Lindsay Lohan made the first stop on her post-rehab publicity tour when she hosted last night’s “Chelsea Lately,” and the embattled star did surprisingly well.

Aside from comments about how healthy the actress is looking, reviews of LiLo’s performance on the late night show have been positive.

Several critics noted that the star’s ability to honestly poke fun at herself made for a charming, funny appearance. Here’s Lindsay’s slightly NSFW opening monologue:

The episode taped the episode on Thursday, and an insider told “People,” [Lindsay] said she felt really good. And she was polite to everyone, thanked the whole crew. She was on time, hit her marks and was very funny. The audience loved her!”

Lindsay’s next big appearance will be her August 18th interview with Oprah Winfrey, who reportedly advised the newly-sober star to nix plans for a European vacation so soon after leaving rehab.

Did you catch LiLo’s appearance on “Chelsea”? Do you think she could really be on her way to a comeback? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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