It’s official! When new parents William and Kate took the routine step of registering the name and July 22nd birth of their son—like every English parent must do within 42 days—the typically mundane paperwork turned out to be far from ordinary.

On the register, the mini royal’s name was recorded as “His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge," according to "Reuters."

As for their occupations, baby George’s parents were listed as the Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom, with no mention of Prince William’s current employment as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot for the Royal Air Force.

Though their “usual address” is recorded as London’s Kensington Palace on the register document, the new family is amidst a three-week stay in Bucklebury, where they have been visiting with Kate’s family since July 25th, reports ABC News.

Like a typical younger brother, Prince Harry has been finding humor in William’s new responsibility as a proud papa.  When asked what his nephew was like, Harry said, “He’s about that long and about that wide. When I saw him, he was crying his eyes out like all babies do, I suppose.”

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