Fox must have a great deal of faith in the success of James Cameron, since the studio has now greenlit a third “Avatar” sequel to roll out in 2018.

Cameron, best known for mega-hits like “Titanic,” “Aliens” and the first “Avatar” film, which grossed nearly $3 billion worldwide, has signed on to co-write the screenplays for all three films, according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

The first sequel is due out in December 2016, and the current plan is to release each of the new sequels a year apart. All three movies will be filmed at the same time, with production planned for 2014.

While “Avatar 2” is set to take place on Pandora once again, MTV News reported last year that the action will move to the planet’s ocean.

Casting on the film has yet to be announced, yet Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, who starred in the first film, are considered a lock to return.

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