Only weeks after the public incident in which Nigella Lawson’s husband, Charles Saatchi, was photographed allegedly choking her at a London restaurant, the couple is officially divorced.

Though Saatchi announced the couple’s separation in the days that followed the ordeal, they headed to court today, with a hearing that "The Guardian" reports lasted on 70 seconds!

The pair was married for ten years and will divide their assets, though the settlement details will reportedly be kept private.

At the time, Saatchi blamed the cooking guru in a public statement, condemning his estranged wife for not defending him after the incident, which he referred to as a “playful tiff.”

Since then, Lawson and her son, Bruno, have left the home she shared with Saatchi and moved into an apartment.

The famous chef is also expected to return to the U.S. to film the new season of ABC’s daytime series “The Taste.”

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