Amanda Bynes
is currently in the middle of her two-week psychiatric hold in California, but more information has come to light about how the troubled starlet ended up in Los Angeles to begin with.

Now Radar Online is alleging that Britney Spears’s former manager Sam Lufti is responsible for getting Bynes home to her parents, but the publication is calling Lufti’s motives into question.

“It’s very concerning to say the very least, given Sam’s history with Britney Spears…” a source told Radar, with another insider adding, “Amanda should be kept very, very far away from him.”

According to TMZ, Bynes reportedly told her parents she had “cabbed it” from New York to L.A. She and Lufti are said to have become friends over the past few months.

Similarly, the manager had reportedly gotten closer to the star as her personal issues worsened, which led her father, Jamie Spears, to file for a conservatorship over his daughter’s financial decisions and a restraining order against Lufti.

Lufti later sued Spears for breach of contract and accused her father of assault, but the case was dismissed last year.

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